Leon and Phillip



“You’re kind of quiet,” I commented. Leon just kind of nodded and smiled.

“He’s big and shy!” Phillip said. “That’s OK, because I’m going to take charge!”

Leon laughed and nodded. I could tell Phillip was looking forward to this. He had a bulge in his pants already!

Now one thing I can always count on with Phillip is that he is aggressive. He really likes to get in there.. wherever “there” happens to be.

“I want to eat out your ass,” he said to Leon without the slightest pause. Phillip pushed Leon’s big, beefy legs up into the air so that his hole was wide open. Phillip teased it with his tongue for a bit, and then shoved his whole face in.

“His butt is meaty!” Phillip said as he came up for air.

From there he worked his way up to Leon’s hard cock. Again, he teased with his tongue and then swallowed it whole. Leon tensed up for a second as his cock disappeared, but then relaxed back and really seemed to enjoy it.

I was not sure who was having more fun. Phillip was licking, sucking, and swallowing Leon’s dick and balls with a big smile on his face!

Leon was dripping with sweat as he came all over Phillip’s face. It was a big load and Leon was spent afterward.

“Yum,” Phillip said as he licked the last bit of cum off his lips. “That was fun!”




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