Straight Encounters: A True Story – Jake Davis, Conan McGuire



For straight newcomer Conan McGuire, the world of adult film is kind of a scary new frontier, but after talking with his old military buddy, Jake Davis, Conan decides that it’s definitely something he’s interested in. Jake, good friend that he is, is not about to let his buddy just enter into it blind, instead setting it up so that Conan’s first scene could be with him. The pairing isn’t out of left field either, as both guys express a mutual attraction for the other.

Jake is enamored with Conan’s sheer size- his massive legs, his broad shoulders and ripped chest- and Conan, for his part, thinks Jake has a really nice body and a great little ass. The stage is set for both of them, and Rocco is inclined to just let the camera roll and see what develops.

Luckily for all of us, the chemistry between them is natural, as Conan manhandles Jake in every which way, using his strength to have his way with Jake’s bubble butt, fucking him first from behind, then pile driving him, before flipping him over and fucking the cum out of his friend before pulling out and squeezing off his first gay load, but




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